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Wellness and Communication Professional

About Me

I am a Wellness Professional based in  Innsbruck, Austria and teaching internationally. I lead classes and workshops in Team Building, Theater in English as a Second Language, Therapeutic Expressive Movement, Workplace Wellness, Active Listening, and Office Yoga. I hold an ACE Personal Training Certification, 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Education, Level 2 Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Education, Bachelor of Arts in Theater and English, and am currently en route to graduate in Spring of 2023 with an MA Psychology. 

My passion is soaking in knowledge about the brain, the body, and the connection between the two in order to share that knowledge with others. The discoveries I have found through my education as well as my own personal journey inspires me to make these findings common knowledge. The tools we need to help ourselves feel less stressed, more open, purposeful, productive, and energized are within our own body and mind… we just need someone to teach them. That is why I am here. To offer what I can to help you feel your best while living your best life. 

Why Wellness and Communication?

These two go hand in hand. We are our best communicators when we feel our best. We struggle with communication, whether or not we fully realize it, when we are struggling ourselves. 

Why is communication important? It is the essence of our community, the “cog in the wheel” of our productivity, the heart of our health… communication is the tool that leads to the most outstanding discoveries & overcomes the greatest challenges. It is subtle and fully based on our own awareness and how our personal world feels at this exact moment…

Which bring us back to Wellness. It is much more than saunas and massage. It refers to our quality of life; and what could be more essential than that! 

There are many ways to wellness. I simply offer the ways that I have best connected with and been trained in. I offer my tools and style in the hopes that you may connect with these as well ♥

"Alexandria Rust is a star. Her ingeniously-crafted Mabel is equal parts Disney Princess and Britney Spears, egotistical and self-aware with a lilting voice to delight the heart. In addition to a squad of sight-gag police, she commands comedy." 
Chicagoland Musical Theater (on Pirates of Penzance)

Young Adult Workshops

The purpose of these workshops is to, through creativity and play, bring confidence and joy to those who are studying English as a foreign language. My main work as a factiliator is to create a safe space of encouragement through which I guide the group through activities and techniques learned through my personal training and experience as an actress. My hope is that by the end of these workshops, the group can walk away with a renewed energy towards their English studies, a freedom to speak with less inhibition, and confidence to explore more English speaking opportunities. 

"These actresses show an amazing sense of unity and perfect timing, as well as grotesque carnality. They slither and writhe sinuously on the stage, hissing and scolding, a veritable squadron of "backup singers" for the avenging god of merriment."
Doug Deuchler for (on The Bacchae)


My number one goal when leading a workshop is to cultivate a safe space, a space within which the students can do absolutely no wrong. And from there, we step out of our comfort zones and inspire our sense of play.


You have further questions or you would like to work with me?
"Ryan Smetana and Alexandria Rust are quite winning as the lovers at the center of the story."
The Chicago Reader (on Pirates of Penzance)