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Theater Workshops

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My passion for teaching came from the comments I received after teaching workshops the first time. Several students from Europe and the Middle-East said after the workshop: “I never felt so free. My cares were nonexistent for a few hours.” No matter what age, ability, and experience, my main goal is to facilitate a welcoming, open, nonjudgemental, optimistic, confidence-building atmosphere. From toddlers learning to step in front of their peers for the first time, to trained professionals, to adults who just want to tune into their imagination for a few hours… I have worked with them all. No matter where you come from, I am prepared to take you into your most creative, freeing experience.

Possible Workshops

Public Speaking in English
For students and professionals who seek more confidence, stage presense, and command of the audience while public speaking. Expect, as in all my workshops, to incorporate your sense of play. We will work on posture, vocal techniques, eye contact, and spontaneity to improve our level of comfort, command of (and most importantly trust from) your audience, and speach. The entire workshop will be in English.
Building Confidence in Spoken English

A workshop for students of English. The focus in this workshop is to build students’ self confidence and let go of inhibition, both while speaking English as well as in their everyday young adult life. The workshop is designed to help students get out of their comfort zone by creating a safe atmosphere, welcoming a sense of play, and provoking imagination. Entirely taught in English, the program utilizes techniques such as Viewpoints, Meisner, Neutral Scenes, and Improvisation.  

Exploring Physical Characters
In this workshop we will strive to let go of our inhibitions and explore our sense of play through theatre exercises, games, movement, and expression. We will play our way into finding our own, unique characters. You will walk away from this workshop having learned the tools necessary to create and develop any character on your own. You will also walk away from this workshop simply having had 2 hours of ridiculous, freeing-fun!
Team Building
Whether you are a large coorporation, a small start up, a sports team, or an artists collective... working as a team is essential to your success. In this workshop, we will develop trust, listening skills, and a deeper sense of "team" through a sense of play. The entire workshop will be in English.